Привет ! Hello .

Это домашняя страничка Евгения "neteraser" Хомченко.
This is personal home page of Eugene Homchenko or better just Gen

(на картинке был я. pictured was me with my ESP Telecaster)

Мы будем вместе. We *will* be together.

WE ARE Y-WORKSHOP #yworkshopru www.yworkshop.ru

VK: vkontakte.ru/id2347468
Facebook: facebook.com/evgeny.homchenko
Twitter: twitter.com/neteraser
LJ: neteraser-brdr.livejournal.com (discontinued)
Telegram: @neteraser (hanging out mainly there these times)
Skype: evgeny.homchenko

My work:
Codygain Games
(first company)
Morning Blessing Amps (current occupation)

Products: net
Vitamini Game
Microlux Amp

me@neteraser.ru - feel free to drop me a line anytime

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